Al Andalus Golden Heritage


The Al Andalus Golden Heritage series tour is an educational tour tailor made to offer the students a general overview of Al Andalus, the golden ages of Islam in Spain, by the hand of local scholars and professionals.

There is no better way to get immersed  in the historical context of Al Andalus than by visiting the key places presented in this tour, and interacting with the local Muslim community sharing the present and the future of the Muslims in Spain, a journey full of lessons of great value for the Muslim youth.

This tour is a proposal/example than can be adjusted to specific areas of study or it can even be schedule to fit the different needs of the student groups.

We welcome you to visit the fascinating legacy of Islamic Spain, and we encourage everybody to come, see and learn from its history.  InshAllah!


8 days | 7 overnights

Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Malaga, Granada


6 days | 5 overnights

Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, Granada



Ikram Elmuradi

The people are hospitable, accommodating and all around amazing . If you plan to tour Spain, don't do it alone! These guys are rock solid (Masha'Allah)! Thank you for an amazing experience

Faridah Faizal

Tour was amazing and the guys behind it ensured we are comfortable and accommodated to our needs! Highly recommended!

Khairul Irfan

Love the place, beautiful view, great people, superb hospitality, knowledgable and super friendly guides. Makes u comfortable, feels like home, and the tourguides, makes u feel like you've known them forever. Take some time to visit Al Andalus, feel the magic when u know about the past and the present.